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How to Install DalFox XSS Scanner on Linux

DalFox is a fast and powerful XSS and parameter parsing scanner based on a golang/DOM parser. supports Pipeline friendly, CI/CD and testing of different types of XSS. In this tutorial, we will show you how to install DalFox scanner on Linux .

The basic concept is to parse parameters, find XSS and check them against the DOM parser. Main Features of DalFox :

  • Parameter analysis (find reflected parameter, find free/bad characters, identification of injection point);
  • Static analysis (check Bad-header like CSP, X-Frame-optiopns, etc. on request/response basis);
  • Payload optimization query:
    • Check the injection point through abstraction and generated the tuning payload;
    • Eliminate unnecessary payloads based on badchar.
  • XSS scan (reflected + stored) and DOM base checking;
  • All test payloads (built-in, custom/blind) are tested in parallel with the encoder:
    • Dual URL Encoder Support;
    • Support for HTML Hex Encoder.
  • Friendly pipeline (unique, file, IO url);
  • And the various options needed for testing:
    • built-in/custom grep to find another vulnerability;
    • if you found, after the action.
  • And much more!

Follow the tutorial below and install DalFox on your computer right now!

Installing DalFox scanner on Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu and derivatives!

To install DalFox on Ubuntu Linux . You can even install DalFox on Linux Mint without any problem by running the command below:

sudo snap install dalfox

Installing DalFox on Fedora and Derivatives!

To install DalFox on Fedora , run the commands below. Remembering that if you already have Snap support enabled in Fedora, skip to step 3, installing the package:

Step 1 – Install Snapd:

sudo dnf install snapd

After executing the above command, remember to log off or restart your computer! Next, let’s create a symbolic link to enable classic Snap support:

Step 2 – Create symbolic link:

sudo ln -s /var/lib/snapd/snap /snap

And now, let’s run the command to install DalFox on Fedora or derivatives:

Step 3 – Now let’s run the command to install DalFox on Fedora or derivatives:

sudo snap install dalfox

Installing DalFox on Debian and Derivatives!

To install DalFox on Debian , run the commands below. If you already have Snap activated and enabled on your Debian, skip to step 2, which would be the installation:

Step 1 – Update the repositories and install Snapd:apt updateapt install snapd

And now, let’s run the command to install DalFox on Debian or derivatives. Note that the command below is with sudo, if you have not enabled it, remove sudo and install using ROOT itself:

Step 2 – Now let’s run the command to install DalFox on Debian and derivatives:

sudo snap install dalfox

That’s it, we hope we helped you to install DalFox on Linux !

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